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Å®†3ƒ@ç+ is a short dance film that uses digital glitch to explore degradation and generation loss across multiple mediums. It layers and blends footage of a body dancing with the fractal textures of natural elements like trees and birds, creating a dense lattice of flickering colour, branching light, and human forms, all buried in pastel washes of cascading residuum. 

A study of remnants, echoes, and traces, Å®†3ƒ@ç+ celebrates digital noise by mining texture and colour from disrupted video and sound files. The film reads as a moving painting or a palimpsest, where the invisible is made visible, borne out in strange gusts and tides.  A digital wind blows throughout the video, reminiscent of the sands that cover and conversely uncover the vestiges of ancient organic life on the planet. 

Ghostly forms appear and disappear. The dancing body flows through a variety of iterations and representations, getting pulled into looping eddies of movement and repetition. Rendered digitally, the body is viewed in terms of its recursive nature, atomized into various disparate pieces which can be reconstructed and re-animated willy-nilly, producing a glitch body that is no longer beholden to physical and anatomical rules, a body torn asunder and set free.

Å®†3ƒ@ç+ is an imagined time capsule which attempts to parse the messy and inarticulate nature of living bodies and the spaces they inhabit. It pulls decay to the forefront. It choreographs disintegration and disobedience, composes malfunction and disorder. It is a video built out of cracked materials, spilling colour out of data. 

But in spite of this nauseating show of leakiness, it is also supremely beautiful and buoyant. It provides a blueprint for our own forms of generation loss, proposing a vision of our own bodies as seen in the rear-view mirror of a crashed car, shaken and bleeding but having not yet given up the ghost. It discloses our head-long fall through time wherein our bodies leave imprints in the sand and our voices and the tunes of our youth are recorded in earthenware pots, and strips of cracking magnetic tape, ultimately unintelligible. Å®†3ƒ@ç+ depicts the noise, the excess of our living selves and the technicolor dream that is all the exploding synapses of our unpredictable being in and passing through the world.

Å®†3ƒ@ç+ was presented as part of Dyscorpia 3’s virtual exhibition as well as in the flesh at AboutLightYeg. It was an official selection of Bad Film Fest NYC and was screened as part of the Artists in the Fallow exhibition in the Brighton Block building in downtown Edmonton.

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