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Artist Statement

As an artist, my first compulsion is toward the body and the profound mystery contained therein. My work explores the body as a conduit, a revealing zone through which the invisible is made visible, where distance and infinity play out in the proximal and the finite.

I am compelled by the process through which imagination, sensation, and emotion coalesce into texture and tone. My work explores the expansion of time as a tool to reveal this process. I am interested in choreographic moments that draw the viewer into my world and release them into dream-like states, such that each image resonates in their body, making space through vibration.

As a movement artist I approach technology through the lens of the somatic. I am interested in the body as a builder of worlds and use digital technologies to render those worlds visible.

Through my work with glitch I explore the edges of embodiment, attempting to parse the poetics of being through the phenomenon of digital rupture.

I am interested in glitch as a radical embodied stance against capitalist notions of efficiency and function. In spite of efforts to the contrary, all things eventually break, and all bodies succumb to their own forms of generation loss. I view my glitch work as a way of celebrating this brokenness, a way to build new stories around mal/dys-function and new worlds for our bodies to live inside.

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