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Çås¢a∂ing €®r0r Win∂0ws

Çås¢a∂ing €®r0r Win∂0ws (CEW) is a 20 minute video about human beings in digital spaces shot entirely on my computer desktop. It is an exploration of artificial intelligence, human consciousness, and embodiment that troubles deeply held convictions about what it means to be alive, to be a person, and to be in conversation with another. Taking up threads from early A.I. research, transhumanism and cognitive science, Çås¢a∂ing €®r0r Win∂0ws explores human being as a reflection in someone else’s computer screen.

CEW playfully explores desktop/file navigation as a type of choreography, the uncanny witnessing of someone else’s computer desktop and software navigation as a type of performance. The viewer sees a screen recording of quicktime video file windows of varying sizes which I manipulate – resize, minimize, drag, hide, and exit – as well as close up shots from a second camera pointed at my computer screen. The video files depict glitched/edited videos of my body dancing, close ups of a computer cursor and dropdown menus, and images of trees and magpies. By making visible the movements of the mouse and the playback windows the audience is witnessing not only the content of those windows but also the interface through which my actions disappear into digital operations.

Çås¢a∂ing €®r0r Win∂0ws with companion piece In the Future at Latitude 53, 2022

In the Future is a companion piece to CEW, which displays elements of text from the video on a small LCD screen. The text implies a kind of intimacy with the unseen, proposing similarities between A.I. subjects and ghostly apparitions. Using internet lingo as a reference to early chatrooms and SMS conversations, in the future reflects on presence and personhood in terms of the invisible, the felt, and the imagined.

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