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Parallax is a queer, feminist project whose approach to technology is grounded in sensation and sensuality. At the intersection of somatic research and multimedia installation, Parallax explores technology as a tool to playfully build new worlds and new bodies to inhabit them. Using holographic imagery, saturated colour, and a host of strange human and human-esque forms, it tells a story of human existence at the edge of time, expressed through varying degrees of fragmentation, distortion, and latency.

The Parallax research spans multiple disciplines and practices and has been presented in a variety of contexts. To date it has been presented as a dance performance and as an installation in a gallery. A cassette tape release including the Parallax sound component is forthcoming in the near future! 😀

Parallax presented by Lowlands Project space 2022

photo by Mat Simpson

Parallax presented by Mile Zero Dance x Artists in the Fallow 2021

Parallax is a multimedia installation and dance performance that combines digital and analog technologies with the movements of a live dancer to explore themes of fragmentation, isolation, and memory. 

Part installation and part performance, Parallax attempts to unpack the experience of human embodiment in terms of refraction and discontinuity. The work uses a variety of mechanisms to fragment the body in an attempt to problematize the notion of physical discreteness and singularity. 

Heavily influenced by ideas from futurology, transhumanism, and mycology, Parallax imagines humanity across an impossibly vast timeline, reaching through an expanding cosmos, alone yet multiple, contained yet discontinuous, a mycelial map of dreams and yearnings cascading through space.

photo by Stephanie Patsula
photo by Stephanie Patsula

Parallax in residence at Good Women Dance 2021

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