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Softiefeelies is an interdisciplinary performance/installation that explores softness in relation to sensation, imagination, and transformation. It is a sensorial experience that engages the audience’s attention with subtle sounds, smells, and the textures of soft materials, opening spaces for gentleness and reverie. In collaboration with artists working in dance, theatre, and intermedia, Softiefeelies mines the nature of our feminine embodiment, attempting to reveal the shape of our being and our being-together in the world. It aims to re-imagine the art-making process in relation to pleasure, generosity and self-care.

Softiefeelies explores softening as a deeply significant activity through which we experience the body as a field of sensation and imagination, and through which we have access to other realities. Much of my interest in this work has been sparked by the writing of Robert Boznack, a Dutch psychoanalyst who talks about dreams and the imagination as forms of knowing. His work has inspired me to think about the states of consciousness I experience in meditation and dance as a sort of magical experience of otherworldly encounters. I am curious about this imaginative plane in the context of performance because I want to bring imagination into the realm of reality; I want to believe in more than what the dominant materialist narrative has to offer, something that has the power to make our lives meaningful and to connect us with each other and with the infinite.

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